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How I feel about virgins as an escort


There are many ways to make me feel the warm fuzzies. Referencing a passing comment I made several dates previous, sending me a gift card to one of my favorite online shops, and massaging my feet will all make my brain tingle. But nothing massages my ego and my soul quite as much as a fan reaching out and booking me to be the woman to share their very first time.

In other words, I love virgins! I love that people have looked at my photos, read my ad copy, and decided that I was the one to lead them into the world of sexuality. I’m especially touched when the person has watched my videos, followed me online, and been a fan of mine for awhile. When I get bookings from these people I feel such a sense of wonder. I imagine losing my virginity to one of my sex worker crushes and think about how incredible it would have been to have the opportunity. It’s the biggest form of flattery I’ve discovered yet.

I don’t want anyone to think that I am glorifying the idea of “losing your virginity”. Overall, I think the idea of virginity is harmful to people growing up in our society. It very much relates to the concept of purity versus impurity, which is tantalizing for me in an erotic sense, but repulsive to me in a philosophical sense. No one should be seen as more or less “pure” depending on if they have had a sex before.  So, I tend to think of it less as an object (the object of virginity), and more like one of their first sexual experiences. After all, many people who might consider themselves virgins have in fact had kinds of sex before. Maybe oral sex, or digital penetration. Perhaps even shared orgasms with others, as what is often called “dry humping” isn’t always dry.

In the case of a first sexual experience, I feel more than ever that I am offering a very important service to someone. I’ve seen people with disabilities, people whose spouses could no longer be intimate due to medical complications, and couples who weren’t quite sure if they could handle another woman in the bedroom, but really, really wanted to try. All of these kinds of appointments give me life. They fulfill me, because of my belief that sex is very important. I strive to provide clients with smooth, fun, and hot encounters they’ll remember for decades.

When a client leaves me, no longer “virgin”, I hope that they are leaving with a sense of confidence in themselves and their sexuality. I know I leave with a sense of gratitude for being the one chosen to open this door with them.