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I’ve always fostered a fondness for the written word, so creative writing and art were my majors in University. Learning has always stirred my heart, but the idea of a 9-5 job in the future, not as much. I took classes in what fascinated me, but left my future open. That is until one day I found erotic webcam chatting, and utilized this online forum to share my sexuality.

Then, in September of 2016 I heard firsthand about the legal brothels in Nevada. They always existed in the very back of my mind, as knowledge I had accumulated at some point, maybe a book assigned in one of my sociology classes several years previous. But, is this something I could do? Something that I could enjoy, and maybe even thrive in? I took the leap. While I loved my clients and the bad ass babes I worked with, I felt too restricted having to see clients in only one location, and working my business within another. So I quit! Now I escort independently in the Bay Area, sharing my company and my heart with clients local and visiting.

This blog is a place for me to put my thoughts together, thoughts about sex, sex work, toys, and also my erotic travels and experiences. Enjoy, and please look forward to my upcoming book!